Counseling in Christian rehabs works with basically the same modalities as a conventional rehab. However, there are some features that set them apart.

One notable feature is the inclusion of the Christian faith. Conventional rehabs actually have no business highlighting Christianity, they keep it strictly professional.

For a Christian rehab, there is a need to mention it. Addiction is not the only goal in a Christian rehab, there are other objectives like: Faith restoration, fellowship restoration and a host of others.

In Christian rehabs, counseling is a form of guidance that allows people to encounter the aspect of spirituality for which they should identify with.

This is unarguably the biggest difference between Christian rehab and secular rehab.

The endeavor to recover from the damage caused by addiction is the major goal. But the inclusion of the spiritual side is what sets them apart.

Christian counselors are just like other counselors. They are professionals who have a good understanding of how human emotions and thoughts work. They also understand the Christian faith, and this is why they are qualified to counsel in Christian rehab.

These set of counselors do not only advise and motivate you, they also pray for and with you.

Their method of follow-up is slightly different from the conventional style. Whilst keeping tabs on you, they also follow you up in prayers.

It is the responsibility of a counselor in a Christian rehab to introduce God to the individual if the person is not saved yet.

He or she needs to further explain and shed more light on God’s love, stating that as they receive him, they become transformed from within.

One important point you should note is, addiction takes you further away from God. It soils your fellowship but your relationship remains intact.

To wrap it up, it would interest you to know that, counselors in Christian rehab also handle mental health problems adeptly, just as they would treat addiction.

A counselor who has been certified to be of good standing in the Christian faith, is qualified to work in a Christian rehab. Theirs is not necessarily work, it is service.  

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