In the addiction concept, anyone could be addicted irrespective of age, color, gender and the likes. Even Christians get addicted, and this should not come as a surprise.

However, there are some advantages that Christians have over non-believers in addiction recovery which is Faith.

Faith is what people would typically call hope. To a Christian however, Faith is much more than hope. Faith is having the conviction that an occurrence has taken place even when it has not.

Faith is believing in the unseen even though the chances are slim. In the addiction process, Faith is believing that you have been cured from addiction prior to even going for treatment.

It is expedient for a Christian to exercise Faith, but it is equally important to backup this faith with action. A Christian who has Faith of being cured from addiction needs to go to a rehab.

This does not undermine or make Faith less effective, it only means that you are taken the right steps to ensure your health is back on track.

Faith is a spiritual act that is backed up by physical action. The two of them go hand-in-hand. It is safe to say that Faith without acting it out could end up being fruitless.

Taking a look at the stories in the Bible, you will discover that those people who had faith, did not take things in their stride. Rather, they acted out and their Faith worked effectively for them.

Your Faith can pave way for you in addiction recovery if all you confess is positive and not negative. Faith works with the words of our mouth, so we need to be careful of what we say o that it does not affect our progress.

For someone in addiction recovery, Faith is principal, particularly if the person is a believer. The Faith of a believer would be made effectual by acknowledging every good work in Christ. This is what you will typically find in a Christian rehab.

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