In the addiction recovery journey, one of the major fears that everyone has, is the possibility of a relapse.

The road to being sober is laced with lots of difficulties, and this is one of the reasons why not everyone finishes rehab. However, one of the ways to secure your recovery, is by turning to God for help.

Drawing closer to God is one of the best gifts that man has. Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of this, and this is why it is underutilized.

A good number of people do not trust God to get their addiction problem sorted out, and this is why you will see some Christians struggling with addiction.

One of the contributing factors to this is hinged on the fact that, people have not fully understood the principle of submission.

Submission is an act of surrendering to God, and this should be done fully and not otherwise. Doing this shows God that you are willing for him to take full charge, because you cannot do anything of your own volition.

God is very much interested in our lives, and when he sees that we are struggling with any unpleasant act, he expects us to come to him.

However, we ignore his call, and try to sort out things on our own. Avoiding distractions completely is possible only with God. Keeping in touch with him ensures that our gaze is fixed on him and nothing else.

When you are faced with any challenge that has to do with your addiction, one thing you must remember is the danger of impairing your fellowship with him.

God is our heavenly father and this relationship cannot be broken. However, fellowship with him can be broken due to addiction.

Therefore, it is advisable that addicted individuals turn fully to God and trust him to help them triumph over addiction.

This can be achieved daily by praying and meditating on his word. With time, he gives us certain instructions which helps us in the battle against addiction.

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